University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews was established in 1413. It is located in a picturesque area, surrounded by the sea. One more peculiarity, which adds up to the attractiveness of the institution is its age. The university is known as the oldest one in Scotland and the third oldest in Great Britain.

University of St Andrews

Interesting to know:

  • Location: St Andrews, Scotland, UK
  • A number of students: 6000
  • Ranked third best university in Great Britain
  • Takes the third place in researches, conducted in mathematics

University of St Andrews is divided in 4 faculties:

Each faculty, in its turn, is dedicated to certain studies. At the faculty of science, for instance, students are taught biology, mathematics, physics as well as some social studies. Besides, the structure of the faculties is made up by different departments and schools.

As far as the student life is concerned, it is not as diverse as in universities in big cities. Nevertheless, students can find activities to their liking. The special thing about social life at the University of St Andrews is its students’ association. It consists of several departments, which are responsible for definite activities. One union, for example, is engaged in charity, while the other one provides sport facilities.


  • Academic references
  • Go through UCSA
  • English language ability test
  • Interview results

Tuition fee: £16,230

Accommodation fee: £2,668 – £7,215

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