Top schools in England: Eton and Rugby Schools


Top schools in England: Eton and Rugby Schools

In 1982, the UK published a book «The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook» with Lady Diana on the cover. It was a real guide to London’s elite. The 160 pages of the book explain why it is important to wear a dark blue color, read «Financial Times», adding “the Great” to the word “Britain” and send the children to private boarding schools.

What kind of students are suitable for prestigious schools?

Back in the 1980s, the author of «Sloane Ranger Handbook» Peter York, warned: “At Eton, it is not so simple.” Despite the fact that 40% Eton College students have family ties with alumni, gone are the days when Eton was filled with the sons of the aristocracy. “Eton denies even the princes, if they are not strong in their studies.” The same can be said today about the primary and secondary top schools: these schools – for children of scientists.

How to enter the top schools?

According to statistics, one in Eton College claimed four candidates. Eton annually receives 260 people. Selection committee selects the bulk of students aged 10-11 years, giving them a conditional admission to school for 13 years. 14 and 16 year students of school have small groups and it is more complicated to enter at this age, but one of the biggest issues usually is writing an essay, so its recommended to use service write my essays, and not be worried about formal problems. Therefore, in such schools as Eton, Westminster and Winchester, you need to be registered 2-3 years before the start of training.

Comment of the expert on secondary education:

If the child goes to Eton College, then it is required to apply to the school before 10.5 years. To come from the CIS school, the student will write a test UKiset (job logic, spatial reasoning, math skills, and knowledge of English), go through interviews and exams in English, mathematics, science and foreign language. As a result, all these examinations the child passes over 10-12 years, which means that it is necessary to prepare for 7-8 years.
It is much easier to get into the top schools from junior English schools. Assume that in 10-11 years the child learns in elementary school in England. In order to go to Rugby School, at the 11 years he should pass a preliminary interview. Eton College requires interviews and tests for verbal and mathematical ability. If a candidate gains enough points, the Rugby and Eton give him conditional admission.

About the Author: Lilly Geker is a student. She is a graduate of Eton College.

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